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Student Center Opening

Phase One

Base Camp Only (1st- 5th Grade)

Target Date September 6

Drop Off Procedures:

  • There will be a waiting area for you and your kids prior to doors opening. Social distancing will be marked/observed.

  • The building will open at 8:45am for the 9:00am service and 10:45am for the 11:00am service or once all children have been picked up and cleaning has been completed.  

  • Children’s temperature will be taken & logged prior to entering building. An ECM worker will sign in each child and provide label for parent pick up.  All this will take place on patio of Student Center (SC).  No adults will enter the building at drop off.  

  • All students will sanitize their hands prior to entering the building. (Sanitizer will be provided)

Pick up Procedures:

  • Parents will enter through the old “Game Room” Door and enter the hallway.  There will be signage provided for social distancing in hallway, please observe those signs.  You will pick up your child and exit out the side door beside Base Camp.  The exit will be clearly marked.  


General Information

  • No snacks or food will be given during this time. We will also not be able to allow food to be brought in at this time.  

  • We will only be able to serve 1st through 5th graders in Base Camp. (There will be NO exceptions to these ages).

  • Please make sure your child has been to the bathroom prior to coming to class. We will have 1 built in break, however with the new cleaning guidelines, it will be difficult to accommodate many children needing bathroom breaks.  

  • We are only equipped to serve a total of 35 children using 2 classrooms for Base Camp. Once we are at our limit we can not accept additional children.  

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